SeaMonkey Mailnews FAQ

Last updated on November 3, 2004.

What are emoticons, and how do they work?

An Emoticon (also referred to as "smiley") is a sequence of ASCII text characters that forms a rough picture, such as a facial expression. Many mail/news clients have the ability to recognize certain sequences and identify them as emoticons. With SeaMonkey, you have the option of displaying those recognized emoticons graphically. Likewise, when you insert a graphical emoticon into a message that you are composing, what is really inserted is a sequence of text characters.

:-) = Smile
:-( = Frown
;-) = Wink
:-P = Tongue Out
:-D = Laughing
:-[ = Embarrassed
:-\ = Undecided
=-O = Surprise
:-* = Kiss
>:o = Yell
8-) = Cool
:-$ = Money Mouth
:-! = Foot in mouth
O:-) = Innocent
:'( = Cry
:-X = Lips are Sealed
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