SeaMonkey General FAQ

Last updated on March 20, 2014.

What are command line arguments, and which ones are available when starting SeaMonkey?

SeaMonkey command line arguments:
-height <value>           Set height of startup window to <value>
-h or -help Prints this list
-installer Start with 4.x migration window
-width <value> Set width of startup window to <value>
-v or -version Print SeaMonkey version
-CreateProfile <profile> Create <profile>
-P <profile> Start with <profile>
-ProfileWizard Start with profile wizard
-ProfileManager Start with profile manager
-SelectProfile Start with profile selection dialog
-UILocale <locale> Start with <locale> resources as UI Locale
-contentLocale <locale> Start with <locale> resources as content Locale
-console Start SeaMonkey with a debugging console
-nosplash Disable splash screen
-quiet Disable splash screen
-addressbook Start with the addressbook
-news Start with news
-jsconsole Start with Javascript Console
-edit <url> Start with editor
-chrome <url> Load the specified chrome
-mail Start with mail
-compose <url> Start with messenger compose
-chat Start with IRC chat
-browser Start with browser
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